Google Analytics Certified

There is a large difference between a nice looking website and an effective website. Many web designers put on a good show to impress their clients, but the execution of the site’s goal can be far from met. My certification helps make sure you are going in the right direction.

Google AdWords Certified

Online advertising is very scary for most businesses. Without the proper guide, it can feel as if you are simply throwing money up into the air. My certification covers 90% of the internet’s browsing and viewing population. I work smart to guide you towards the customers that want your product and services.

Social Media Management

Many C.E.O.’s  think advertising on Facebook is straightforward and they or an intern can do it. While it is rather easy to set up, if you aren’t aware of a good many things, you’ll be siphoning money month after month without knowing it. Let me guide you safely through Facebook advertising’s minefield of bottomless holes.

Surveys and Focus Groups

With the proper training and skills, surveys and focus groups are treasure chests of information waiting to be opened. However, Many variables can skew a survey. Timing, wording, flow, and other traits invisible to the uninitiated need to be carefully thought out in order to get a correct scientifically suitable result. Don’t leave your valuable information in the hands of the uninitiated! Make a safe and wise decision and allow me to chart your course!

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