• My name is James Eisert.

    I can help you get things done,
    because I have done it all!

Communications consulting for small and medium businesses

professional, fast, affordable

Market Research

My skills in creating focus groups and surveys allow you to go deeper into the minds of your customers.

Knowing the right questions to ask is as important as the answers themselves. Proper social research, done correctly, is science!

Website Evaluation

My Google Analytics certification allows me to comb your website for pitfalls and potholes that could be costing your company profits.

Not only can I track what is broken, but I can tell you why it’s broken! Then, together, we can fix it!

Social Media Expertise

Growing an internet following is just as important for local businesses as it is for companies that reach the globe.

Take advantage of my skills in social media campaigns! Make your new customers loyal and then upgrade your loyal customers into enthusastic fans!

Website and Graphic Design

It is one thing to design a presentable website or booklet. It is another to make it effective!

My experience with Adobe Design products will produce your content, but it is this, mixed with my knowledge in ethical salesmanship, that will get your message sent loud, clear, and on point!

Event Coordination

From small gatherings at a local store to yearly conventions, it takes skill to manage an event successfuly. I have put on numerous such events and can help you make sure your event goes smoothly.

This puts a compilation of my skills to work; social media, graphic design, marketing, and many other resourcefull skills that will make your event a prosperous one!


Bachelors in Communication

  • Brigham Young University – Idaho
  • Bachelor of Science – Communication
  • Emphasis in Public Relations

Google Analytics Certified

My certification means you can have peace of mind that when I analyze a website, I can find all the potholes holding it back. From there, I can help you make it more efficient and profitable.

Time to take action!

Many small to medium sized businesses let these profitable tasks slide by because they cannot afford a full time professional.

If you contact me now, you can enjoy the benefits of a skilled communications professional and receive much more than you bargained for!