The thing about taking pictures on the phone is that the crispness is tough depending on the phone. Also it is imperative to understand even if your phone is very good at taking pictures, once it is uploaded to Facebook or Instagram, the picture may lose some of it’s quality.

Phone Photo Tips

  • Use Solid Fonts

    Fonts that are script or decorative will usually get pixelated. It is better to make the text is large and easy to read more than decorative.

    What good is it to be artsy when your message may not get across due to not being able to read it?

  • Light Light Light!

    Phone pictures are done on the fly. If they were planned, you would be using your Canon T3i right? That being said, if there is any way to improve the light in a given picture, take it.

  • Apps to the Max!

    When taking pictures on the fly, you want to post to social media right away. So you don’t normally have the time to go home, load up Photoshop and start editing. There are luckily, free apps out there that will allow you to adjust your picture before plopping it on the world wide web.

Free Photo Apps

  • Snapseed

    This is pretty much Photoshop Lite for the phone. It will do much of the same quickie edits such as light, contrast, saturation and the like.

  • PicLab

    Piclab has text features, but it is mainly great for setting up white bars on the top and bottom of photos. This way, they do not get cropped out when posting in Instagram.

  • Phonto

    Phonto is a great program to use to place text on your photos. It is easy to use and has more text capability than the others.