Lighting and Reflectors

This shot is cool as far as concept, but it has a ways to go for looking better! That is because there isn\’t a reflector used yet. Once we shoot the same picture with a camera, it will make a world of difference.

This one was shot with the silver reflector. It certainly hit her face a good bit, but it is a bit harsh. Also, the angle directed at her face could be better. Notice that even the wheat (or whatever that stuff is) brightens as well!

This photo is just after a little cropping in Photoshop to get the rule of thirds into play to make the shot more dramatic.

This shot close to captures it! We used the gold reflector which really adds warmth to her face. Bad thing is, we got a sun flare on her face. That is going to be too hard to Photoshop out. Good thing we live in the world of digital cameras where you can take multiple pictures without killing your wallet.

Finally, with some extra editing, the final product.