Fine Art Print

Original Shot

This was my Bannack shot that got a lot of attention. So it is logical this is what I choose for my print.

To enhance the shot, I placed a vignette on it to which brought out the darkness a little more. At first , I was worried that the vignette was going to kill the contrast of light and dark, but it did not. If anything, it enhanced it.

The power lines in the background are expunged.

I sharpened some of the weeds and such in the front to bring it out more.

I also played with lighting and a shapness mask to bring the most out of the gravestone.

Playing with a layer of light also to make the difference between the light and dark more apparent.

My final decision was much of a toss up. Do I stick with the natural blue background or do I change the color down? Actually, the vignette was the tie breaker because ti semed to challenge the color. However, I could see going back and printing one with the color change.

After Editing

So this is the finished product. Of course, it printed a slight bit different than this. I came out well, but as Bro. Pingel warned us about, the printers at Wal-Mart run a bit dark. I thought I checked it with my screen at 50%, but perhaps I need to play with it a bit more.

Also, for some reason, the vignette also seemed to really come out in the upper right a lot. This may have clouded the clouds. Looks like another fix to be fiddled with.

That’s just fine by me. For a first run, the pic looks great. I think it’s worthy of a sale. What’s the worst that will happen? It isn’t like I can’t print it again and perfect it. I passed salesmanship 101 a long time ago.