Contest Entry


This picture became a finalist in the Photographer’s Forum contest! It will be featured in their annual booklet, Best of Photography.

It should not come as a surprise that I chose this picture to lead the way into the Photographer’s Forum contest. I love the photo and am rather proud of it. Not only that, but I have professors backing me up on how good it looks. After all, they chose it to be shown off in the Spori Building.

I took the photo at the Bannack Ghost Town excursion. It was already part of another contest (which I won for this photo by the way), where we were told we had five minutes to grab the best photo we could from a graveyard. Everyone scattered except for this tombstone, which garnered a lot of attention. I just separated myself from everyone and took the pciture from a different angle, making sure to position myself to catch the dark, ominous clouds in the background

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I chose this one because it was simply great unedited. This is the shot as it came out of the camera. Everything just clicked with it. The pose of both models, my positioning with the “Rule of Thirds”, and the lighting. The photographic planets were all aligned for this one.

I easily lucked out with the models this day, as I was not very bossy at all. Well, it was a mix between not being bossy and not knowing what the heck to ask them to do. But this day, it worked because they just fell into great poses consistently through the day.

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I think the reason this picture stands out ot me is the natural lighting through the windows that creates a natural shadow. Of course, there was some not-so-natural lighting in the front, but that had to be done. Otherwise, this shot would not have pulled it off as it does. Light is life.

Much like my gravestone shot above, there were four of us taking pictures of this model. I imagine looking for a better angle, while keeping the rule of thirds and a good light source must be very tricky for professional photographers in such events as sports and celebrity photos. With so many photogrpahers next to you taking the same shot, it’s got to be tough to be original consistently.

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