Paperless Mecha Combat!

Alpha Mecha is a fast paced mecha robot combat game that is very easy to learn, yet has all the tactics of more complex battle games. This game works effortlessly to help you create battle with 10 mecha a side that finishes under an hour! While other games are quite intimidating to learn, Alpha Mecha is crisp and clean. New players can start playing in under three minutes!

Ascension of the Galaxy is the rich maneuver-based spaceship combat game where thinking ahead is not an option.

Each race is vastly different and plays by their own rules, but yet completely compatible to play against one another.

They are not different just with weapons and armor, but how they move, take damage, and even down to how they enter hyperspace. Each race truly feels unique and alien, making for interesting tactics and gameplay.

Dive into adventure…or create your own!

A swing of your mighty sword thrusts through the scales of the ­Ice Dragon’s hide. A screech from the winter creature paralyzes you for a moment as it rocks its head back in its last feeling of pain it will ever know. Only a warrior’s instinct forces you to roll to safety as the lumbering beast falls back toward you as it dies with a thunderous collapse. This is what it feels like to play Dungeonrunner, the solitaire fantasy adventure game!

The Fantasy Counter Kit is a collection of fantasy RPG counters to be used to replace figures in your favorite fantasy role-playing game, giving your campaign an “old-school” feel where creativity is the star of the show.

The art is drawn by Origins Game Fair award-winning artist Christopher Eisert.

The Fantasy Dry Erase Mat is a spacious 24×36 dry erase battle mat on a hexagon grid with 1.5 inch hexes. Comes with 3 markers and an eraser! Tear resistant with PVC backing to prevent slipping during battles.