Alpha Mecha is the fast-paced mecha battle game where you and your opponent can play more than a handful of mecha a side with tactical richness…all in under an hour.

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Basic Set

Alpha Mecha is a fast paced robot combat game that is easy to learn, yet has all the tactics of more complex mecha battle games.

Throw away the paperwork! This game works effortlessly to help you create battle with 10 mecha for each side that finishes under an hour!

Advanced Set

Alpha Mecha continues with more tactics to expand on gameplay. These new rules add a wealth of depth to gameplay while sacrificing practically nothing to the speed of play.

It is one thing to shoot well, it is another thing to be able to shoot first. Pick your targets wisely because Gunnery Initiative changes everything!

Maneuvering around the opponent’s flank means a whole lot more now. Those assault mecha behemoths are tough. However, a single scout mecha, if left alone and ignored, can ruin its day.

Elite Set

The Expert Set allows, with these unique additions, to make even the most basic of battles turn into something to be remembered.

Pilot Powers add even more individuality to your troops. Mecha Tech brings about more options to think about before you place your mechs on the field.

Twelve specialty maps that are tailor made for specific battles such as building sized-turbines, reactor center, control rooms. Fog and debris fields that can cover a portion of one map, or be merged together for one large devastated area of play!

Basic Set Components

  • 1 basic rule book
  • 6 scenario sheets
  • 17 battle boards
  • 12 mecha printable cards
  • 11 pilot printable cards
  • 1 dice label sheet
  • 2 pages of map overlay counters
  • 1 page of hit counters
  • 1 page of move & objective counters
  • 2 victory point tracks
  • 1 turn track
  • 3 player aid sheets
  • 9 faction dossiers

Advanced Set Components

  • 1 advanced rule book
  • 8 more battle boards
  • 6 more mecha printable cards
  • 4 more pilot printable cards
  • 2 more faction dossiers

Expert Set Components

  • 1 expert rule book
  • 12 more battle boards
  • 6 more mecha printable cards
  • 6 more pilot printable cards
  • 2 more faction dossiers
  • 9 Different Factions
  • Tactical, yet simple
  • Large games play quickly
  • Color Coded System
  • Kids Learn Easily
  • Challenging for Adults
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